a bad movie

by sad jeremy

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recorded (mostly) on a yamaha mt50 4-track cassette recorder

album art by lauren o'neil


released January 14, 2017



all rights reserved


sad jeremy Gainesville, Florida

pop songs for weirdos

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Track Name: new friends
today i went to a movie theatre
i paid to see a film written by seth rogen
i sat next to a guy and a girl
her name was hope
his name was sebastian
he was drinking corona
she was drunk off cheap red wine
she laughed the heartiest laugh of anybody there

there was this guy named danny or daniel
i'm not quite sure which he'd prefer
he preferred not to talk about his taste in music
i told him he looked like he might like radiohead
i don't know why
he just gave me that vibe

he was freaking out in the backseat of a black land rover
telling hope to slow down
she was singing along to an old 90s pop hip hop song
that was playing loud
hope said she was from texas
that's where she learned to drive
i said "danny sit back enjoy the ride"
sebastian laughed and changed the song
we were drinking
we were drunk
Track Name: shadez
"wish you well"
it's what you said when i walked into the gates of hell
hotter than somewhere i've been
for 21 years watching sunsets and pink clouds
i get bitten up by the blood sucking insects
flying and flowering up
to the way that i feel when the blood rushes to my head
or my heart
or my fingertips when i'm squeezing the wheel
and mumbling along to some song
i got my sunglasses on
Track Name: chum
you don't talk
you don't talk
you don't talk to me like you used to
i guess it's fine i don't feel alright

you don't smile
you don't smile
you don't smile at me when i crack a stupid joke
you don't smirk or even look my way
but that's okay on a day like today

because i got to stare at those
silver marbles in your skull
for ten seconds longer than i used to
and you told me how you felt
maybe not about me but it was something,
so much more than i expect from you these days

so i don't feel okay
oh no no no no
no i don't feel okay
because i love you and you don't feel the same
Track Name: executive life // pretty little wife
little keys are typing for a little tiny man
with grubby little fingers on his sweaty little hand
he is wishing he could afford all the shiny things in life
life spent type type typing
smile looking for a wife
(who might bake him pillow cookies
and subdue his pillow talk
and spend her hard earned free time
doing weird things to his cock)
like she wasn't taught to pleasure herself
staring at the son
of a grubby little businessman who just wants to have fun

little keys are typed all by a little businessman
who is fucking other people
who passed out on ativan
while his wife is low on xanax
and she's passed out in the den
and a little tiny person will repeat this life again
Track Name: kissing other people
last night i took my guitar
and i strummed it real hard for my friends

last night i drank a bottle of wine
and i stumbled around the park
and the sky, it was purple and black
and above my head were some birds
sitting on a fence between
feeling sick and serene
i went black

i lie down in my bed
and i forgot my girlfriend
someone curled up next to me
and we laughed
and we kissed

she was skinny and blonde
and i had lots of fun
betraying the person
i thought for sure that i was this time
Track Name: art school
and when you go away to college
will you remember the boy
who you gave your copy of haruki murakami's norwegian wood to?

and when you get to your apartment
do you collapse on the floor,
and rub your face into the carpet?
like you were expecting more

because you moved to the big apple
yeah you live in big new york
the suburban style paradise
where you can find art right next door

but is it where you wanna live?
where you want your art to die?
surrounded by the pretentious,
pretend-sorrowful art guys,
who will beg for your felicity
"hey where's your family from?"
as if to tally on their checklists
of the flavors that they want to try next

you're a quiet girl from florida
and your mom is from taiwan
and you never wanna smile
because you're never having fun
Track Name: skinny til i'm dead
and i'll still wait for a bus that never comes
because it never runs
no it never runs
just like me

but that's okay,
i got my girl
i got my cigarettes
and i am skinny, at least for a while
i got my coffee
i got my books
i got my cigarettes
and i'll be skinny until i'm dead
and that's fine
oh that's fine

and today i got high for the first time in a while
and i'm not shaking
and i feel fine
Track Name: dirttttt
black hands white shirt
i fell fast out of the car
i know i know i know i know i know
face kicked in the dirt
neighbor is drunk
washing machine don't work
i am always too loud
i am always a flirt
i am always too loud
but i never am a flirt

hands off my man
hands off learner
cockroach graveyard
heat cakes in dirt

my head always hurts
it always hurts
my throat always hurts
face kicked in the dirt
lungs covered in dirt
throat kicked in the dirt
my head always hurts
heart kicked in the dirt
my head always hurts
Track Name: will it keep me alive?
pretty white people drink starbucks
and today i'm a pretty white person
waiting in line for some
mass produced sickly sweet brown sludge
to keep me awake

how much artificial sweetener does it take to infect you?
(will you keep me alive?)
and how much money spent on bad coffee,
(will it keep you alive?)

how many posts on instagram,
a docile customer is who i am
how many posts on instagram,
a docile consumer is what i am
Track Name: timing
it was a cold november night
and you were spent on cheap red wine
and you were looking for my eyes
but i was looking at the sky
and i felt myself melt into the bench
when you said

that my timing was so bad
and the feelings that i had in my chest
were foreboding so i kissed you on the head
and then i tried to kiss your smile
but you held your head back and cried
you sucked my soul out with your dark and desolate eyes
and i had twenty twenty hindsight
and i wish i had a time machine
if only i could see what we'd be like

it was later in the night
and i was way too cool to cry
but i still tasted those sweet and salty tears
running down your neck
i have no alibi for why i was out late last night
i spent some time getting fucked up in the woods