bite me

by sad jeremy

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recorded in my bedroom


released May 27, 2016

backing vocals on "well behaved fish" and "she's cold" by maia doughtie
album art by cameron keyser

huge thank you to Godless America Records for making this release possible.



all rights reserved


sad jeremy Gainesville, Florida

pop songs for weirdos

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Track Name: camera
bright red lips don’t wanna kiss,
short blonde bangs hug the top of your face.
no one’s got time for romantics
when they got books to pretend to read
and cigarettes.
and i just got a message that said
“hey thanks for that,”
i smile wide, she don’t smile back.
big blue eyes will prove i’m fake,
the camera lens will look away.
Track Name: sorry
sorry i hit your kid with my car and then
stuffed him in the trunk and drove off real far.
sorry i drunk all the wine in the fridge,
sorry i didn’t bury the kid
but it was useless useless
try to explain how he’d be happier on the astral plane,
flying dmt high
driving fast in my car,
dimethyltryptamine high
windows slyly ajar.
Track Name: just 2 fuck
kissing your lips really turns me on
i am caught in the middle of a casual love
like i came to your place and it’s just to fuck
because i have nothing to say
because i don’t wanna talk.
the fan spins around and i follow it there
and the ceiling is eggshells
i don’t wanna fight fair
because i wanna fight dirty
and i wanna do drugs
and i don’t wanna fall in love.
Track Name: nine lines
cool air flows from the window
and the smell of sweat tinges the fresh air,
it’s been three days since my last shower,
i lie down naked on my bed.

my clothes line the floor.

wires hang from my desk
the carpet is dusty
i don’t own a vacuum cleaner.
Track Name: throat culture
my throat hurts,
it’s red and white.
stripe me like peppermint candy
lay me down tonight.
you’re my man, i’m your gal,
sit down type away on your phone-
get stoned while we share the couch.
i heard that,
i hear laughs,
i sit out on the balcony staring at the cat.
Track Name: odaxelagnia
maybe we could both be drunk and reckless,
i could tell you how i’m feeling on a restless night.
you bite me but i bite you back harder,
i think it feels nice.

maybe i’m feeling like i’ve always felt
or maybe for once i would fall in love
for more than two weeks
and i would fall asleep
because you’re the only one i’m dreaming of.
so let’s lie here together
in a cloudy white room
in a state where we haven’t been before,
Track Name: yr face
you reject every person who touches you
and you never remember my name,
you sit in your room for hours and hours
do you expect me to listen to you complain?
you sit there and you mumble obscenities
through lips clenched tight,
your eyes behind slits,
and the gray smoke from your cigarette
it rises up and it touches your face.

oh acoustic guitar, i will never get far with my bad voice,
oh my self discipline, where have you been on all these weekday nights?
i spend them wasting away below a cloud of sticky smoke and chips.
i'm staring at your face.
i don't have talent and i don't have patience
what i have is the desire to be by myself
Track Name: soflo
i don’t need you or your support,
you avoid me and songs are a sport,
support your home team
well i don’t know why you talk about life,
i am losing my mind.

there’s only so much love to go around,
i am 71,
you’re 1012,
but what’s the difference
when we’re both stuck
playing warehouse sets,
smoking cigarettes,
have trouble talking to girls.

i’ll work a job
and you will work too,
getting big is a dream
that will never come true
for you
or for me
or for anybody in your high school scene.
Track Name: explodes
time tastes vile and pupils don’t grow.
head pounds hard.
i’m late for the show.

five more minutes in the light.
ten minutes more
my heart explodes.
Track Name: movin'
don’t you have someone to lavish you with attention?
or need you spend more time on-line?
at the store in the mall buying expensive clothes.
you make yourself up yeah,
you make yourself up

when you take those pictures,
when you tug at my arm,
when you cry cry cry because you’re falling in love.
but i’m not like that,
no i mean of course i’m a fake,
but i can hide that,
hide behind my stupid face.

you don’t even know that i’m a coward,
i leave everyone.
move to a new city,
kiss your lips and then i run
and then i’m gone.
Track Name: well behaved fish
got a pocket full of peanuts,
i’m walking in the wood,
flies mumble in my ears,
“black hair dances in the breeze.”
four empty cans of beer.

not a dog on a leash but a fish in the bowl,
scared of the dark water
and what lurks below.
i can’t swim,
i can’t swim,
i can’t swim.
Track Name: enjoy the silence
enjoy the silence because it won’t last long.
soon the walk will be busy and crowded
with busy crowds of people
but you’ll need to get to class so you’ll walk

in between the interesting and the not-so-hot,
it’s interesting
the thought that you’re not
how fashion might change someone’s mind.
oh her eyes are blue eyes are brown eyes are green eyes.
Track Name: she's cold
i wonder if it’s me or them the reason i end up
walking coldly home alone all choked up, it is dark.
and why after that dreadful act during which i feel free
i wanna walk a mile back,
and she sits on her knees.

she’s cold.
she doesn’t make me laugh and she doesn’t make me smile,
she doesn’t make me laugh not that she even tries.

i saw her at the post office,
she touched me like the breeze.
i felt her but i couldn’t grab onto the belief
that she saw me walking around her mile in the dark.
the sky is spotted black and white and it hurts me to smile.
Track Name: english major
jasmine you’re cute,
you’re awkwardly talking to a camera once a week or more
to put it all up
for peer review
but nobody wants to watch you,

like me and my guitar,
i turn it up at night and my roommates
know that i’m fragile so they don’t hear me,
they pretend to sleep.

balled up like a balloon,
stumbling on your words,
keep going and going you’re gone.
i can’t judge because i’ve been there before.

i stumble on my words,
boisterous words,
formidable words-
nonsense words.

jasmine you’re cute,
you’re awkwardly talking to a camera once a week or more
to put it all up
for peer review
but nobody wants to watch you,
(like me and my guitar i turn it up but no one wants to hear me.)