bummer noir

by sad jeremy

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released February 14, 2015

crash yr car featuring:
sam tuschman on bass
marcos gonzales on drums



all rights reserved


sad jeremy Gainesville, Florida

pop songs for weirdos

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Track Name: show me the rainshadow!
i feel guilty and artistic,
i don't wanna pay you back
a burly force is staring
as he's slowly walking past,
and me, i'm not a fighter,
then again, i'm not in love.
But surely i'd hang several men
to make it me you're thinking of

i feel charming and ecstatic,
what a day to speak faux-pas.
my memory's elastic
i could tell you what you want
to hear because i know
the reasons you're afraid,
but understand we play the same
pathetic little games.
Track Name: sitcom
I can't sleep so I'm watching the tube
and then some sitcom, it reminds me of you.
Maybe it's your short black hair
yeah, or maybe it's not.

Taking off your sweater
because suddenly you're hot
Now everybody wants you
so of course you feel afraid.
my hands are cold and shaking
as I see her walk my way.

She is an illusion and
a concept at large
and everything I wanted at least
everything so far.
But suddenly I'm scary,
frowned upon.
she walks away.
and yet I still wanna see her
every single goddamned day.

Apply a concept to my butchered state of mind
Patience will not grant me but a moment of your time
So now I can't sleep so I'm watching TV
and then some sitcom makes me think about me
Track Name: longing & coffee
It bothers me to see you,
lounging and smiling in,
a corporate coffee chain
well, I'm not a pretty college kid.

For the first time that i see your eyes
in well over a month or two
there's no shudder, no shame
but I am still sad to say
that I'm not over you

I hope that you get caught in the rain
and your dress sticks to you, just like I do
and I hope it makes you uncomfortable.

Well do you feel uncomfortable with our situation?
Do you want me to stop hanging around?
in hopes that maybe you'll walk by me real slow
and stop to tell me something I didn't already know
about you.

Now I'm outside pacing with a cigarette in my hand
do you think that it's obvious,
that I'm trying to impress?

(i'm a creep)

Now I'm outside pacing with a cigarette in my hand
do you think that it's impressive,
or just uncool, cliche, and sad?
Track Name: cotton dress
Straying from the point
to keep mindless thought afloat.
Just light enough to fill up
my unsinkable lifeboat.
Singing coupled rhymes
sounds like a sign of distress,
weighing down my intellect
your little cotton dress
your cotton dress

That cotton dress means we undress
and it is awkward and weird,
like speaking with your houseguests
when you've just run out of beer
and you're stuck here.
Track Name: crash yr car
Watery red eyes
wearing nothing but a t-shirt.
Staring at the walls before we
go play in the dirt
and words just cannot sympathize
the terror looms between the highs
So I'll forget you for the night
call her in the morning.

Books have lined the dusty floor
shoes put on, I haven't worn this personality in weeks
it's just another way to pick up chicks.
In your little, fast, gold motor car
you're always where the parties are
Crash yr stupid fucking car
you'll move real fast,
you'll go real far.
Track Name: ...and he wonders why
I wanna write a pretty song about you
from a manic-apathetic mind
from a crazed
creepy guy,
who will not stop staring at your thighs
who will not stop talking about your eyes
who will believe a thousand little lies
who will recite a thousand little lines
who will get high like a thousand times a day
and you don't want him
and he wonders why