temper tantrum

by sad jeremy

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recorded using a tascam portastudio 4 track tape recorder


released February 1, 2016

apistat commander is a xiu xiu xong

album art by maia doughtie



all rights reserved


sad jeremy Gainesville, Florida

pop songs for weirdos

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Track Name: the bus to school
i can't talk when you talk to me
you're all i hear and i refuse to speak
i guess it doesn't matter whether or not
i had something to say because
you like to talk so much
so much

today i rode the bus to school
i was approached by a weird looking dude
i had my headphones in
and my sunglasses on
and he still sat down
and proceeded to talk
and talk

and his right eye was looking me down
and his left eye was down on the ground
and when he spoke it sounded just like a dream
a nightmare stuck strangers talking to me
and both my eyes were fixed on her back
and she walked slow and i shook as she passed
and he asked me about some movie he's seen
and he proceeded to recommend it to me
Track Name: running
what was once an umbrella
now a black insect i saw
despising the sweat that you made
run down my back
and my forehead is gleaming
my eyes looking down at the dead lizard
i picked up
i am running downtown
i am running

hand in glove stabbed under the weight of a chainlink fence
the apartment complex life is a lifelong chase
and i'm a killer

and i'll never have more friends than i do when i'm drinking
and i'll never have more fun than i do when i'm drunk
and i'll never have more fun than i do
i like smoking
what's wrong with that?
Track Name: i wanna die
i wanna die
shoot myself in the head
chew on some glass
before i go to bed
keep on checking my phone
now i'm rethinking that text

my mouth is numb
my eyes are red
get up off of the couch
find myself on the concrete
lying down on the concrete
looking at the sky above my head
there are no thoughts in my head

so if you wanna hang out with me
and if you wanna make out with me
you'll have to put up with the stench
because my heart is rotten
and my brain is being eaten by maggots

sitting down on the floor
yeah my posture is bad
i wonder what she thinks about my room
listening to some dumb record she has
i'll cook up a meal
yeah and maybe i'll score
pretend i'm a vegetarian
because you're a vegetarian
and i'm bored
i'm so fucking bored
wanna fall in love?
pretend i'd like that
Track Name: phantom of the parking garage
what's the first thing that you do
when you get home from work
well i'm lurking in your shower
don't wanna look like a jerk
when i push you down those stairs
you had better thank me with a smile
i'll watch you through these fleeting stares
but i still don't wanna hold your hand

coughing blood onto my shirt
and i just from my own funeral
so i've lost my heart again
yeah this very wretched girl
she threw it out the window of my car
onto the road
so now i'm throwing up all over your floor
carpets stained
your hair smells like a floral allure
and i followed that scent downtown
a dirty alley
dirty door
i started bleeding on the sidewalk
because i asked and you said no
Track Name: sorority
girl you know you are too cool for me
you spend so much time hanging with your sorority
you got pretty blonde friends
and you sure know how to fake it
like you're having a good time
in the pictures that you take
oh baby baby you know
you've got some shaky hands
nervous and chewed up
and then spit back out
and girl you know you know
you got so much to do
and so many more interesting guys to screw
Track Name: shaky handz
you got shaky hands
and a pretty nervous laugh
and your teeth are uneven and crooked
you're so cute at the same time
oh how i'd love to see you sitting
at a restaurant by yourself
and the waiter would look quite dismantled
when he sees your jagged smile
and you'd say

how are you today my friend
what would you recommend
to a first time patron at this fine establishment

well i like singing to my waitress
and hitting all her notes
and maybe she would get a little anxious
if she read just what i wrote about
the girl i followed around in college
who doesn't know my name
who i had vivid dreams about kissing
and we sat quietly by a lake
on a chilly sunday afternoon
and i'd bring my guitar
and i'd try to sound like someone else might sing
if she didn't like my songs

but her love is an ocean
and her love is a sea
one so endlessly salty
she don't wanna talk to me
Track Name: apistat commander (xiu xiu)
"up along the rocks
it's good
it's not so hard now
oh i bite my tongue
who cares
this chance to drop

all that you left you left for someone
all of this hurt that wilted off
all this relief it's the oddest thing
oh my god
oh my god
oh my god

chen will never come
and that's fine
i lost my thought
wei huai could talk me down
still still this chance to drop off

all that you left you left for someone
all of this hurt that wilted off
all this relief it's the oddest thing
oh my god
oh my god
oh my god"
Track Name: still
brown grass
ground teeth
and hard
and cold
and sweet
red bricks
rosy face

red bricks
rosy face
mumble on about the things i hate
cold air through my hair

a small blue pill won't make me still
no my head still bops
no my neck's still ill
no my eyes still wander round the dirty room
meet my gaze
i like to look at you

don't say a word
don't ruin the illusion
i'm in love
i'm in love
my heart is still
and my lungs deflate

blow out smoke
a thick white cloud
cough it in
then sing it out

stare decisis
let me stay