by sad jeremy

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released October 2, 2016



all rights reserved


sad jeremy Gainesville, Florida

pop songs for weirdos

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Track Name: y
why such a long gap in between your books?
did you run out of things to sing about
that girl at the bar wearing red lipstick?
and our eyes are meaningless refractions of light

why didn't you believe me when i told you it hurt?
why were you so sensitive about the things you heard?

i could have gone to the beach
you would have had me on a leash
and i could have gone to the store
i would slip on the blood on the floor
i could have puked on the street
i could have pissed on your feet
instead i wrote mean things about you
that just doesn't mean that i don't care
Track Name: sweat
white girls on a panel
in the front of a hot room

there's a baby in the oven
and i'm running out of juice

and we sweat in this together
in the sticky pungent groove

in the waiting room together
tell each other what we do

and i'm feeling like a hipster
when i wear my skinny pants

and i'm feeling like a bigot
when i'm with my bigot friends

and i wish i wasn't touching
the parking lot with my hands

and you pant and sweat profusely
every time you want to dance
Track Name: not tired
i'm not tired of lying in bed
but i'm quite scared about the state that i live in
well i just wanna listen to my jeffrey lewis record
i want the room to be cold

as for my side i'd like to have a warm body there
and we don't even have to touch or anything
except maybe i would run my fingers through
her hair when she sleeps
Track Name: cool winter morning
the glimpse of humanity in the shake of her hand
the trembling fingers tap-tap-tapping against
a hardcover copy of a book that she's read
"the dharma bums" by jack kerouac

cover to cover
now she covers her head with
stretched to shield from the breeze

on a cool winter morning
Track Name: woof
take your camera
take a picture of me
take me to your house
give me love for free
i'm your dog
get the framing just right
drive your car to another exhibition
and get in another fight
with your man
eating always came easy to me
i'm on the side of the road
yes i was plucked off the streets
i am spinning
i am spinning
i am spinning
Track Name: fuck'd
that which cannot be faced
sitting in a cold room
outside someone is playing the guitar
and a cell phone rings

that which cannot be told
that which cannot be whole
watching the chalkboard screech
hearing the lonesome creech
he who cannot be fucked
drawing blood from the walls of the room

sits stagnant in a room
drawing skulls in a little red notebook
talking to the birds outside
he who cannot confide
words he lives his short life by
needs no hand to hold
he's no life to mold
Track Name: economics or something
you're a sales clerk at a
busy urban outfitters retail store

not an "artist" but
you like to paint a little when you're home alone

getting high in your spare time
with a boy from your job

and the cool air from the convenience store
makes you shake

maybe your parents would tell you that you're better than this
but you're smoking a cigarette just staring at the street
and your mother might tell you to go back to college
but to major in economics or something
Track Name: in my house
four hour block in soggy socks
sweaty pits in a tight black t-shirt
and tighter dark blue jeans
yeah the weather in this city is too much for my wardrobe to take

this is how i dress
i've got hairy legs
i've got knobby knees
i've got skinny ankles
and i'm sweating profusely
eight months of the year

somehow it's always raining
always raining on me
i don't wanna go to bed
because i can't sleep
in my nice air-conditioned bedroom
little igloo room

in my house where the insects go
in my house where i wanna go
in my house where i feel at home
in my house i am always alone
Track Name: that stock car boy
i like to use my body like a sheet of loose leaf paper
college ruled torn out of a spiral bound notebook
poetry that is terribly melodramatic
and sweaty hand jabs words into my flesh

and sweaty hand is holding another sweaty hand
do i look edgy?
or just prone to infection?
no i do not know why i like to look like a vagabond
dying to die now any one of these days

and my body is a canvas for the weak, the bored, the lazy
on a sunday afternoon just playing video games
in his room where the carpet was torn out from the vomitus
that seeped through to the floorboards a couple of months ago

"oh Rapid Roy that stock car boy
He too much too believe
You know he always got an extra pack of cigarettes
Rolled up in his t-shirt sleeve
He got a tattoo on his arm that say "baby"
He got another one that just say "hey"
But every sunday afternoon he is a dirt track demon
In a '57 Chevrolet"
Track Name: malt liquor
i like to drink big 32 oz glass bottles
of cheap malt liquor i buy at the convenience store
two for five dollars is not a bad deal
i am in the back alley beginning to feel

steel reserve
colt 45
Track Name: noize
reading is for chumps
i am a government loving lump
i am a consumption obsessed fuck
i am in propaganda slump
i am eating just for fun

yes i am eating just for fun
no please do not take my son
he is a weakling
he's my love
let's not fight

wasting all my money
on these bumper stickers
that stick to my ass
through the next four years of protest
through election cycle sass

i am driving my suv
i am running out of gas
i pull into the station so i can
Track Name: octopus
he walked into the classroom
and walked right out
after seeing something sprawled over the desk
it was a sushi chef
slicing legs off an octopus

he left and he cried and he flunked the test
Track Name: the simpsons
watching my reflection in the window of a washing machine
at a crowded laundromat
the simpsons are on tv
plastic chairs watching me
i'm in a plastic chair watching tv
and i spend a lot of time watching reruns of my favorite comedies
and you sit on my lap telling it to me that
"i am sadder than the saddest that i ever thought i'd be"
and i am watching the fish tank
trying to get to sleep

and you are grinding your teeth
and i am grinding your weed
and i am smoking cigarettes
and you are fast asleep
and i am sitting on the couch
and i am smoking that weed
and i am watching tv
and i am watching tv
and i am watching tv
and i am watching tv