vanity mirror

by sad jeremy

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released August 11, 2017



all rights reserved


sad jeremy Gainesville, Florida

pop songs for weirdos

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Track Name: nicotine lips
there's no money in indie rock
fumble on the way you talk
your interests all really suck
and you don't pay your bills, your mom does

i am slime, so you are slime
you are green, flow through fingertips--
sallow, yellow fingertips
and red lipstick
nicotine lips in red lipstick
wantonness, libertine sticks
incontinence in red lipstick
nicotine sticks, lascivious
i have no tits
nicotine sticks
i have no tits
libertine lips in red lipstick
and wantonness, incontinence in red lipstick
Track Name: when scrolling
ugly portrait of a face with red lips and no lipstick on
and brown eyeshadow paste smeared on white walls
whiff asbestos air filters
in a crowded room with ugly boys
and i am feeling drunk
put in a dress, i am the best
and my taboo will set the mood

for all the secrets, all the secrets i can find
all the secrets i can find
all the secrets i can find
when i'm scrolling

in dull orange glow i see ron reagan grinning down
at all the grime in which we revel
and the way we spend our time is not american
i get the sense that the audience don't work
and those who work hard they just play hard
and they'll never make a buck

ain't it a joke?
ain't it a joke?
ain't art a joke?
ain't work a joke?
Track Name: longing and coffeee
it bothers me to see you
lounging and smiling in a corporate coffee chain
well i'm not a pretty college kid like you
and for the first time that i see your eyes in well over a month or two
there's no shudder, no shame
but i am still sad to say
that i'm not over you

i hope that you get caught in the rain
and your dress sticks to you just like i do
and i hope it makes you uncomfortable

do you feel uncomfortable with our situation?
do you want me to stop hanging around
in hopes that maybe you'll walk by me real slow
and stop to tell me something i didn't already know about you
Track Name: vanity mirror
sometimes i almost crash my car
because i'm checking my reflection in the rearview
when someone talks to me i may get distracted
because i'm playing with my hair

think back to when my dad told me
that i dress like a girl
or when my mom liked to tell me
that my shorts are too short

then i focus on the compliments
i get from younger people
on my clothes
and on my hair

backpack under his rain jacket
looks like a hunchback but he doesn't care
Track Name: hel
helen i'm still not over you
maybe i didn't like those shoes
you stepped on me with on the 4th of july
fireworks shot up all around your greasy eyes
and i said that you look just like a
love interest in an old john green book
but a cheap romantic comedy based on his selling book
you seemed offended and you gave me this look
and i feel offended but i smile
look! look! look!
Track Name: beach muzak
brown, blonde, and bobbed hair flowing in sea breeze
april 27th on some empty beach
drinking warm and light beer having trouble when lighting
your second cigarette since you got to the beach
sipping mikes hard lemonade and high on thc
overshirt and sports bra- your personality
is a borderline disorder you say staring at the sea
i could tell from lack of eye contact you weren't into me
my lack of eye contact-- some aversion to the grease
dance around the topic of young polygamy
fingers in my brown hair, matted and curly
i got sand in your beer and i really had to pee
Track Name: davie, fl
mosquito larvae lurk in the tepid canals
lining stirling road, headed west bound
and i am walking up the overpass
oh i am feeling down
i am trekking up this mountain of concrete
the engine's loud

and i and i and i

was a well fed and stoned teenager pacing along the road
down the elementary with a pocket full of dro
longing for some driver to put me in his front seat
and tell me awful stories and then make me drink his pee
and wishing i was driving so fast inside a car
pedal to the metal and the metal on the floor
is rusting in humidity. a glass of cheap red wine,
two cigarettes, a xanax, and a bunch of wasted time

and i and i and i and i
i die and die and die and die
and i,

i was a well-read and stoned 21 year old pacing along the road
i look down the overpass and i spit on the cars below
Track Name: cheap riding boots
down in denver all i did was die
the mountain ranges like the rockies made me fry
i was emaciated starboy standing golden in the sun
it was an arizona desert, a swarthy wanderlust filled ride
in cheap riding boots
in cheap riding boots
i just wanted memories but i got sand in my shoes
i just wanted memories when i saw you
in those cheap riding boots
Track Name: english major
jasmine you’re cute,
you’re awkwardly talking to a camera once a week or more
to put it all up
for peer review
but nobody wants to watch you,

like me and my guitar,
i turn it up at night and my roommates
know that i’m fragile so they don’t hear me,
they pretend to sleep.

balled up like a balloon,
stumbling on your words,
keep going and going you’re gone.
i can’t judge because i’ve been there before.

i stumble on my words,
boisterous words,
formidable words-
nonsense words.

jasmine you’re cute,
you’re awkwardly talking to a camera once a week or more
to put it all up
for peer review
but nobody wants to watch you,
like me and my guitar i turn it up
but no one wants to hear me
Track Name: bar song
say sex is not identity
why should i always try to leave
the thrill of wearing makeup all alone

no, gender is fluidity
when dancing in humidity
sobriety is slippery like my palms
when drinking is identity
and i make believe when i go pee
that you might try to talk to me
but you don't

i ran into trouble on the second glass
of double whiskey sour
i said "cheers" and after that i acted like an asshole
Track Name: bar song 2
he was looking at you through a camera lens
while you were dancing with your friends
yeah dancing with your friends
standing next to you in the line for the bathroom
shaking in his shoes and admiring the view


chewing filter tips and licking lollipops
thinking about your ex and wishing you were not
sneak in for excitement but a bouncer's not a friend
he thought he was pretty now he swigging at the dregs
feel a little spinning ignoring a headache
smoke a little leftover being sad is a piece of cake
try to stay acquainted trying hard not to complain
trying to quit smoking trying not to be awake
Track Name: spit in yr eye
i projected gray fuzz onto your chest
and waited for reply for days
and you cried joyous neon white
and i spit in your eyes

little black rodents digging in the dirt
screaming noise metal songs
the deep dark canopy of
the deep dark canopy of
the dark canopy of my mind

runners in mesh shorts not wearing any shirts
pass by the infected creek
and the rotting boardwalk while cicadas sing
cicadas sing

hurricane hermine broke the septic tank
and now the clear water runs an invisible trace
of fecal bacteria making its way into the water as it runs

and holy smoke rises from a little brown pipe
coughing phlegmatic, consider mistake
of slow interaction and yellowing fingernails
i spit on the stairs while you had me
Track Name: goodbye
hit me off my bike with your big black hearse
while i'm distracted by tangled headphones
dennis is the worst
dennis is the worst
stands outside the lecture hall whispering his curse
"you are all doomed to the doomsday purse"
oh yeah i posted and i'll get what i deserve

we are all just waiting for our bodies to go bad
my parents remind me that my youth is in the past
i am not a person just some dander in your eye
you are outside waving, waving to me your goodbye
Track Name: classic song
lying down on the hood of some car
i parked too far away and our
love is like a challenging book
i might get bored, i'm feeling shook

i'm spinning around in the backseat of your car
i sit too far away and our
love is like a classic song
i like your words, they turn me on

pretty in a sunburn and a dark blue bathing suit
drumming along to your favorite blondie song
i forgot the words but i still sang along
tell me i'm yours and you love kissing me
it makes you smile
it makes you shaky