you are not my friend

by sad jeremy

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released June 12, 2016



all rights reserved


sad jeremy Gainesville, Florida

pop songs for weirdos

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Track Name: just friends
every time i try to talk to you
i get so choked up
and every night
i am browsing these dating sites
trying to find someone

someone who is just like me
lonely, sad, and upset
with the people they can't meet in real life
and lazy and pretty
but in just a subtle way
as to not have been noticed yet

no not like you
because you're dating the perfect guy
who takes you out on the lake
and kisses you

do you like the way he tastes?

i wanna kiss you when we're lying in my bed
and when you put your finger in my mouth
my little heart wept
like i had never felt this way before
but you're my friend yeah
we're just friends
Track Name: george
he's got blue eyes
he's got gray hair
his bell is ringing
he is twelve years old

he's got crossed eyes
he swallows hair
he makes noise at night
he can even see in the dark

he loves me
he hides under my bed
he's got sharp claws
he's got bad breath
he's got sharp claws
he's got bad breath
Track Name: on the patio
only sad people smoke
it forces us to breathe
that's what the sad girl told me
at the sad party
and my friend will shake her head as i glance
at the rising gray billowing from
her cigarette
i crave i crave i crave

and nobody knows why i'm sad
except someone who doesn't care
she'll ignore all of the confused thoughts
and kiss her boy instead
while i distract all my nervous love
with toxic dark tar air
and deep breathing
and isolation
i love the time i spend alone
in the corner of some dinghy bar or
on the patio
Track Name: self help
stop smoking cigarettes
stop smoking weed
you know that you're sick of it
you know that you're in need
of passionate stimulation
staring at a screen
you're watching someone get fucked
(you'll never get fucked)
why is that so great?

stop smoking cigarettes
stop smoking weed
they're making you immune to
your body's healing needs
they're making you a slave to a sick dependency
stop watching porno
stop watching your tv

Track Name: ouch
i hear her bed creaking
he's on the girl that i love
with soft skin
soft touch
silky hair and natures breath
like a fire
like a dragon
like her lungs are blacker than the night

more dismal than the look in my eyes

i hear her laugh at his joke
and i can't smile when he's around
but when it's her
my words just don't come out right
she's always insulted
acting like i'm the one who isn't hurt
Track Name: nowhere
shaking at your desk
tapping at your phone
no one wants to call you
but you don't feel alone
you got those runners in your head
and an impending sense of dread
and you won't accomplish a thing
you should've listened to your dad

oh you're neurotic
oh you're starving yourself

you're starving for attention
you wanna be someone else
somebody less talentless
somebody less nervous
somebody less shallow
you're a shell of who you wanna be
you don't wanna be yourself
Track Name: excursions into psychiatry
shall i take the drugs because i'm feeling sad?
well maybe i'm just being another disposable white undergrad
because my problems don't matter
because my problems are small
i am insignificant as a penis drawn in a bathroom stall
connie might say that i am lucky for who i am
that i don't deserve to suffer
so i should take the pills
i should take the pills
i should just take the pills
so i can stop complaining
because nobody cares

i don't understand how a person can be so happy to see another person stand on stage with an electric guitar
Track Name: enuff
life is hard
times are tough
for a person
who cares
and what is it to care enough
about your image
to kill yourself with lies
lies that you tell yourself
and your friends

like it's only a phase
i'll quit smoking next year

the tour won't happen
the show will suck

you spent it all on drugs
and i don't have enough
to support your dream
to sing you to sleep.
you know that needing it isn't enough
Track Name: cigarettez
i tried running away from my problems
but they caught up
those track and field stars

so i sat down and let the veiny feet
stomp right over me
i got mud in my hair
i got mud in my hair
i got mud in my hair
and i don't sleep

i smoke too many cigarettes
Track Name: you are not my friend
scratchy black shirt
too tight blue jeans
faux combat boots
kissing concrete

on the train tracks
by the graffiti
sticky air
life's not fair
biting beaus
i'm not there

pinned against a dirty wall
back alley in a bad neighborhood
wet kisses wet tongues

hip girls
hard boys
no drugs
body hair
flannel hair
black tea
ripped jeans
death videos
animal share
death videos
animal facebook protest
cruelty free
happy not happy not happy not happy not happy not happy not

you are not my friend
you are not my friend
you are not my friend
you are not my friend
Track Name: sugar pillz
this girl i know
she don't know that i want her
this girl i know
has got a new boyfriend
this girl i wanna kiss has skin like sugar
and i'll crash after sucking on her crystal flesh

all alone
i'm alone

today i vomit milkshake
i'm unhappy
that's because i've been binging on what i could get
patience is a virtue but i hate waiting
i want what i can't have right now again

today i realized that i'm unhappy
sobbing i can't ignore what i can't kill
broke my head falling off the hill i'm climbing
and the doctor is gonna give me sugar pills